+ How are you different than any other tattoo shop in Bali?

What's the tattoo process like? Getting tattoo’d is an ancient practice, with indigenous roots going back thousands of years. Tattoo culture has come a long way since then. Most “shops” (which we are not), will take you through a cookie cutter process, usually including picking someone else’s ink from a book for inspiration, making a few small tweaks, deciding where it would look “sexiest” on the body (queue the ego), sketch drawn, appointment booked, tattoo administered, and off you go. Our tattoo temple concept was curated to challenge the modern day status quo tattoo process and replace it with a ritually inspired multi sensory tattoo experience. Tattoos should be anchored in by a deeper meaning. It is sacred ink that will follow you around for life. More often than not uncovering the meaning, is a discovery process, which our artists will facilitate, to help you call forth. Every piece of ink we do here at Karma House is a custom piece, anchored in ritual. These rituals, combined with a lot of love and care are what make the Karma House tattoo experience, unlike any other on the island of Bali. Plus you get to hang out with us for a few hours, which we promise you will be an experience in and of itself

+ What is our approximate price range?

The truth is it could be anything from $100 - $3,000 or more. Even if you have sent us photos of the tattoo you’re inspired by, it still varies. There are many factors in pricing a tattoo as there are many factors in designing it, including size, placement, color and intricacy. Our artists prefer to start on your design post your initial consultation. Our artists are pros at helping guide the process to help you discover the most meaningful piece of ink for you.

We do this to make sure every single one of our customers gets an epic customised piece with you being 100% involved through the entire process. Therefore, we can’t give you a price until the tattoo is designed and sized with you in person. Your idea of “small” or “simple” may not be the same as ours, so we would like to avoid giving you inaccurate information.

We charge by the hour, so the total cost will depend on the amount of time your ink takes. Our minimum price for any tattoo is $100 (to cover all the sterile equipment and non toxic hypoallergenic vegan ink and western standards of hygiene) and the prices go up from there.

+ Could you give me a deal if I get some more done with you?

This shall be discussed in person with the artist, but we love to take care of return customers, once you get inked at Karma House, you’re part of our ink family, and we always take care of our family.

+ Can you send me examples of your work?

All samples of our work is on our website and on our Instagram page @karmahousebali

+ I am traveling and on a budget. Can you give me a discount?

As much as we want everyone to get inked with us, we also must respect our artists time and artwork. We try our best to hook people up, and do give discounts to people who deserve it. Charity work is our soft spot, so if you come to the island to give, we will reward you. But if you’re just a cheapass, there are other studios for you to go to :P

+ I am free later on today. Can I come at 8?

All consultation appointments are booked either through our website booking page {link here} or in person at Karma House. We prioritise bookings, but you are more than welcome to come by anytime for any queries and to book :) One of our shop managers can help you with all your questions and scheduling bookings. Start by checking out our artists here, to see who you vibe with most then head to the bookings tab to make an appointment with them direct.

+ Do you take card?

Yes, and you can also do a part of the payment via Paypal. There is also an ATM bank around the corner at Bintang supermarket, as cash is always preferred :D

+ How far away are you from “so-and-so” Villa?

As curious as we are of where you are staying, you can also locate us on Google Maps at this link. Our location is about a 10 minute walk from the Ubud Palace. Our motto here is GTS : GOOGLE THAT SHIT.

+ I saw you give back to Balinese community. Does it make you more expensive?

We are honest that we do have a higher price point compared to other tattoo venues in Ubud. Our pricing is higher because of our quality and service, our artists, equipment standards and our vegan ink that’s imported from North America. Giving back to the local community doesn’t make us more expensive, it’s our main reason for existing. Plus we guarantee an epic job and you’ll be treated like family ♥✊🏾

+ It is western prices, I thought and heard Bali is cheaper?

You’ll see soon enough we are unlike any other tattoo shop in the world. We are a Tattoo Temple. We take pride in our art and we work with the best international artists. We’re not just selling ink, we’re curating custom experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

+ You use vegan ink right? What is the difference with normal ink?

Vegan ink is free from animal by-products which makes it vegan. The ink we use is made out of organic pigments, distilled water and witch hazel. It is also free of preservatives and carcinogens which have shown to be harmful for your skin.

+ Where do you get your vegan ink? And how much per bottle?

We use Eternal Ink imported from Canada. We don’t resell the ink here, and that’s another one you can google and also factor in the import fees and all that jazz. Again, GTS.

+ Do you do piercings? Sell body jewelery?

Not yet, but coming soon!

+ What do I need to prepare for a session?

Have something to eat before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing and bring music or other things that can get you in a zen flow. We’ll offer a few snacks and drinks before and during the tattoo. Feel free to come early and grab a bite at the Kafe, or a full power elixir from the bar to wet your whistle before the session.

+ Do I have to pay any deposit?

To secure your spot and respect our artist time, all bookings are subjected to $50 deposit that is deductible from the cost of your tattoo. This deposit is NON-refundable, unless some kind of real emergency happened, in that case of course we’ve got your back. You can send it to us via Paypal to karmahousebali@gmail.com or you can drop it directly at Karma at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.