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All Day Dance Intensive for Women

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On Saturday, June 30th from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, join us at KARMA HOUSE as we embark on a multi- dimensional exploration of the human body’s capacity for expression through mulit- disciplined dance master classes. BODY WISDOM is a very unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and practice of dance and tap deeply into your body’s innate wisdom. In this edition of BODY WISDOM, we bring focus and celebration to the Sensual Self, experiencing what it is like to move from feeling, to focus and welcome authentic felt-pleasure, and celebrate ourselves as sensual women. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, does this actually FEEL good to me, or does my mind just think it feels good? Sometimes we make decisions based on what we THINK will make us happy or bring us bliss, but often the body knows much more about what is true in the moment than the mind can tell us. We invite you to take this journey with us, as we tap back into the moment-to-moment wisdom of the body, allowing ourselves to be guided by the felt-experiece and surrendering to the unexpected desires of the sensual body. We will be journeying through a full day of dance explorations, each uniquely designed to give space to experience our vast spectrum of emotions, feelings, sensations, and expressions. Allow this deepening of body knowledge to unlock and awaken what has not been given a voice. As we practice together, we grow together in our ability to express our selves fully into the world. Let’s push into our edges and dissolve our previously understood capacities for physical expression! 

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9-10:30 Latin Sensuality

10:45-12:15 Sacred Orgasmic Dance

12:15-1:15 Lunch

1:15-2:45 KONTAKT Dance

3:00-4:15 Embodied Vocal Activation

4:30-6:00: 5 Elements Dance

From completing this workshop, you will:
Connect deeply with your sensual body
Expand your knowledge of embodied movement practices
Unlock your voice
Create authentic connections with other women
Understand what it feels like to listen to and be guided by your felt-experience rather than your thinking mind
Own and celebrate your sensuality


EARLY BIRD PRICE: 600k (ends Saturday, June 23rd)
NORMAL REGISTRATION PRICE: 700k (ends Thursday, June 28th)
DOOR PRICE: 150K per class

► For questions or to register please contact Mana Mei ◀

Please note that we have a new and very exciting venue for this intensive, KARMA HOUSE. 
And as part of their Grand Opening Weekend, BODY WISDOM will initiate and activate the movement space with all of our feminine sensual yumminess 😃 

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This intensive is suitable for all women. There is no prior training or experience necessary to participate in any section of this intensive.
Please arrive on time. 
Please wear clothing that allows for maximum freedom of movement and be prepared to sweat.
Please do not wear any perfumes or fragrances. 
Please be prepared to engage in moderate to high intensity physical movement. 
Please enter into this women’s temple space with an open heart and mind.

We have the opportunity to collectively create a container of safety and non-judgement so that we may each dive fully into our own exploration while being held and supported by a community of sisters.

Later Event: July 3