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Authentic Relating Level 1

with Jason W Digges

Do you want deeper, more meaningful, more connected relationships with people in your life?
Do you want to know yourself in profoundly new ways, speak your truth and be an agent for others to know themselves as well?

Welcome to the most cutting-edge relational training in the world
~ ART Level 1 Weekend Course ~

We designed this course to activate and expand your relational capacities to radically transform all your relationships and experience connection, intimacy, trust, and aliveness with anyone, anytime. 

Our highly qualified and experienced facilitators teach you the communication and relational skills that result in healthy, vibrant connections. We place a heavy emphasis on learning through practice and experience so that you can be applying new skills and ways of being right away, with everyone from partners to strangers.

We believe that we all have the capacity to be bridges - between parts of ourselves, ourselves with others, and together with the world. The course's mission is to build bridges, and use our bridges to heal, connect, and co-create a more enlivened, awakened world - together.

* * *

"The words that come to mind to describe the weekend are: powerful, connective, transformative, heart-opening, community, humbling, wow, and FUCK YEAH! We talked, opened, unpacked, laughed, cried and grew, both as individuals and as community. It was perfect and just as it needed to be." -- Cassie Drew, Asheville

* * *

About ART International

We are united in our commitment to leveraging all of our respective skills, passions, and purpose to bring about a more awakened, enlivened, conscious world. Our facilitators have spent many years accumulating a wealth and depth of experience to produce some of the most powerful and effective authentic relating trainings in the world.

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Sun/Mon 10am to 7pm
Location: Ubud, Bali

7 seats at $333
7 seats at $366
7 seats at $399

This training is capped at 21 participants to preserve the intimacy of doing work vulnerable work together.

**If you wish to attend and have questions about the course reach out for a 20 minute phone interview to see if this is right for you**

To register visit:

Earlier Event: September 13
Later Event: September 15
Authentic Relating Level 1