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****Integral Grounding Workshop**** 
presented by Kamau Abayomi and Melvin Hart

Integral Grounding focuses on the deeper principles of grounding and integration, as we continue on our journey of growth, expansion and self-mastery. When the ceremony is over, the real work begins. Developing our capacity to be rooted and grounded in any given situation is the most important aspect of this work. As we go through the different stages of awakening and remembrance, we begin to access the higher states of consciousness and expression. How do we ground our elevated states into the physical realm? How do we integrate our expansiveness into everyday travels? How do we apply those feelings of elation and release into our daily lives so they are not lost in the chaos of the 3D world? This group is to support the process of expanding our awareness and deepening our integration of the principles of grounding. We share and discussion information on: Energetic sovereignty Principles of holding and maintaining space Metaphysics of self knowledge Nature and Elements Anchor point awareness Equanimity Ceremonial balance Boundaries Dynamic Meditation Visualization Qi Gong principles and any other related subjects.

Fluff is for pillows
Growth is outside of knowns
Expand the comfort zone
Everywhere is home
When encompassing mysteries
Mastery your history
By firing your history
Let your triggers be pulled
Until the bullets are none
Transmute the wound
Throw away the gun
Alchemist wizardry 101
From the ashes of misery
A phoenix rose
Then dove into the ground
The ankhoring has begun
Feel the activity within
Don't let the monkey win.
The ankhoring has begun.

Earlier Event: July 18
Later Event: July 19