Thank you for giving Karma House Bali the opportunity to hook you up with a meaningful piece of art. To help give us some direction and inspiration for creating the perfect piece of totally custom ink, it’s important we get some details from you to help guide the creative process. This is an opportunity for you to consider not only who you were before this process, but who you are now, and who you intend to become as you journey through Balinese ceremony inspired tattoo ritual.

If you allow it, this ceremony can guide you through a process of releasing what no longer serves you while calling in what you aim to attract. As such, getting very clear on your intentions for creating this tattoo is an integral part of our ritual process. Our mission is to provide you with a tattoo that represents something deeper; a new chapter of your life story, yet to be told.

If you don’t have an answer to any of these questions...skip it.


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