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The ART of Conscious Communication

What is it that keeps us from developing deeply fulfilling intimate relationships with our friends, family and loved ones?

Why is it that we find intimacy, both with ourselves and others highly challenging?

Is it because we have not had the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to help us navigate these tricky waters?

Conscious Communication Games offers us a safe container to begin to explore these questions for ourselves, and to learn and perfect some simple techniques and processes to help us deepen into more fulfilling truthful safe and loving relationships

Using the power of the circle, we will share a journey into self-enquiry, self-understanding, and self-love. And by doing so with our friends (our tribe) we will begin to let go of limiting patterns and beliefs and move towards freedom of expression that is liberating for all

Get to know and appreciate yourself in new ways through the reflections of your friends and community
Learn how to access your deepest feelings and communicate them with love, truth and honesty
Become a beacon for deeply fulfilling, highly conscious and uplifting relationships

Develop the capacity to remain calm, graceful and compassionate to yourself and others in times of conflict, discomfort and stress

Learn to see all conflict as an invitation to find closeness and connection
Grow your capacity to understand and accept all parts of yourself in a loving wholseome manner
And do this all in a safe and playful way, with your deepest desires just waiting to be fulfilled

Join us every Tuesday for this deep dive into the realms of the unlimited power of safe and truthful communication

Entry: 150,000 Rupiah

Later Event: January 30
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