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Genesis Alchemy

Genesis Alchemy is an Evolutionary Temple where bodies & souls commune with the Primordial Field of Creation. Come explore living from complete openness as a tuning rod for Gaia and for Source.

Every Sunday, we will be guided through a multi-dimensional journey that incorporates elements of slow intuitive movement on the ground, spacious breathwork, meditation, temple arts, mythic/shamanic realms, self-inquiry, planetary prayer, healing & emptiness awareness.

We begin with a deep inner dive based in part on Emilie Conrad’s pioneering ‘Continuum’ process. This is a somatic ritual of communion with the Flow of Life, a self-tantra that is utterly sensual & intensely heart opening. We allow the organic spiraling wave of body, breath, & sound to merge as an infinitely rich source of ecstasy, healing, & awareness. Slow undulating non-linear movement done on the ground opens our being to its fluid origins and allows us to return to our primordial consciousness, yet grounded within the body.

During some evenings, we may then use that cultivation to dive even deeper into community-building practices, planetary oracular council, ceremonial ritual, more advanced meditations & paired sharing, depending on the theme of the particular week. ‘Temple Presence’ or intentional alchemical focus, will be invoked from beginning to end. This is an immensely rich field of sacred co-creation.

We are kundalini generators. We are superconductors. We are a force to be reckoned with. So how can we enter into heightened states of embodied love & consciousness to intentionally amplify the quality of our resonance, empathy, and impact on the planet?

Each week, we will explore different archetypal themes, elements, mythic realms & aspects of consciousness. Ultimately, this is a Collective Evolutionary Tantra. Come build a Legacy together as we dream the New Earth through our bodies and souls.

Join this richly supportive journey to:
* Access an infinite source of nourishment
* Awaken creativity, revelation & play
* Light up the spine & activate Kundalini
* Cultivate ecstasy & nectars within the body
* Neurologically rewire & heal frozen energies
* Expand trust in your inherent body wisdom
* Revitalize bones, joints, tissue & cells
* Release, relax & realign* Heighten sensuality & increases receptivity

More about Continuum:
“Movement is not something that we do, movement is what we are, and it is a way to learn to move our presence further into the unknown.”
Continuum creates health, wellness & innovation by accessing the body’s essential fluid system to free oneself from cultural & mechanistic constraints of modern living.
Continuum is a healing wave restoring us to our original condition of union with the fundamental elements of nature.
Continuum is all about UN-structuring, as opposed to Yoga, by exploring the fringe beyond technique where our own body intelligence gives way to intuitive healing, awakening, and self-awareness.

EXCHANGE Is 200,000 Rp.

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