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A TRANSFORMATIVE self-awakening process to expand consciousness.

It’s a POWERFUL tool, to REMOVE conditioning, the ego and trauma... A REMEMBRANCE, a returning home to the WISDOM of the body and the infinite source of LOVE within.

>> How does it flow?

We gather in an intimate circle for a dialogue to look at the spaces between thoughts, words, intentions and stories.
Where are you at?
What’s going on for you?

Then, there is nothing “to do” except lay down, relax, and TRUST the intelligent energy moving through you. The more you allow, the further you can go into enquiring about your authentic self.

The breath is used as the initial point of awareness, then as you SURRENDER and let go, you allow yourself to open up physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

We use the support of the space, carefully selected songs, instruments, voice and touch to help facilitate your personal journey.

>> What to expect?

In this safe co-created container you’ll feel held, nourished, supported and free to express or release whatever is moving through you...

Releases can come in many ways…

You might feel tingling sensations, changes in temperature, electricity travelling through your body, pulsing...

You could also have a more sensorial experience and see colours, shapes, patterns, visions of the past or the future…

You may feel the need to stretch, to laugh, to cry, to shake, to cough, to scream…

During or after the session some insights and realizations about your personal process might occur.

♥ Energy exchange: 300k

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