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Hekajio Dance

with Kamau Abayomi

Hekaijo is a creative journey offered every Sunday morning to provide an experience and opportunity for you to harmonize the body, mind & spirit through the inner wisdom activated in soulful African based music, dance, inspirational words, activated poetry & meditations. Hekaijo is the combination of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) word “heka” meaning “magic” and the Yoruba word “Ijo” meaning “church”. Hekaijo (“magic church”) provides a catalyst for one to dive into the depths of personal and collective uniqueness and creative expression. It is in the depths of our uniqueness that our magic resides, awaiting our acknowledgement and activation. The soundscape, carefully curated by Kamau Abayomi combines a diverse range of Soul stirring, African & African-diaspora  based rhythms (traditional & modern), funk frequencies, uplifting musical textures, mystical hymns, poetry and meditations, the Hekaijo journey offers an opportunity for you to access and charge your total being. Crown to root to crown, is how we get up to get down! Gratitude & honoring, Love of life, balance & harmony, inner alchemy, connection, fun & joy and the exploration of mysteries in music, movement and more are presented to you.

In order to preserve a smooth flow of energy through Hekaijo session, we ask that you arrive by 11:00am and no later than 11:22am and remain until completion of the session at 1pm. This is to keep maintain cohesiveness to the group energy and experience. No one will be allowed entry into the session after 11:22am.

The suggested donation for this offering is Rp. 200,000, but give according to where you are in your finances.  Kamau has always held the philosophy that money should not be a barrier to sincere seeking and participation.

The general flow of Hekaijo is:

10:30am - Meditation and/or Intention Setting

11:00am – Opening the way

11:22am – Intro to the Music Mysteries (There will be no further entry from this point)

12:00pm – Song of Silence

12:02pm – The Mysteries Continue

12:40pm – Grounding/Integration

12:55pm – Concluding Poem

1:00pm – Gratitude, Honoring & Closing

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