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One Song Yoga Teacher Training courses get to the heart and core of yoga and your place in the world.  A deep journey into consciousness through grounding, passion, empowerment, and relationship, you’ll find your voice and begin to see clearly your purpose with clarity. OSY is the path to originality. 

The essence of this course is yoga, but whatever your passion or calling may be, this training will qualify you to teach what you love to your fullest potential. Regardless of any previous trainings, courses, or workshops you have taken, OSY provides a completely unique opportunity to uncover the richness within your sacred self and the tools to become the person that you are meant to be. 

Recognising that our planet and it's inhabitants are going through an incredible time of transition, the anticipated outcome of an OSY course is integrated guidance toward manifesting the strengths and skills that will best serve you, your future students and your communities.


 In order to accomplish this, topics investigated will be:

  • Anatomy

  • Art of Mudra™

  • The physical practice

  • Communication - teaching and learning

  • Chakras

  • The Subtle Bodies and their role in relating and in everyday living

  • History and Philosophy of Yoga and the modern world

  • Global Consciousness

  • Meditation

  • Sanskrit

The Great Practice of yoga encompasses our time on the mat, as well as our choices and our way of life. Letting go of limiting belief systems and expanding into the flow of life energy and connection is the ultimate place to move from in life as a practitioner as well as a teacher and cultivates a practice that is more of who we are rather than what we do. In this training we focus on you as a teacher, constantly developing and increasing your skills in communication and how you relate to students, as well as your passions and desired direction. 

In these trainings, you will find yourself surrounded by students and teachers from all walks of life. There will be an open format for discussion and inclusion, learning from each other, learning from within, and true support throughout the training and long after you graduate! Our One Song graduates will be able to take their skills into many professional fields ~ yoga, bodywork, corporate environments, life coaching, as well as into the art of relating to others in day to day life.




In the 1970s, as a teenager, Denise Payne was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by her teacher Sat Jiwan Singh. It became more than “a life saver”. Yoga became her life’s work through practice and teaching. Many Australian and international yogis have met Denise through her regular Power Yoga and Yin classes in Ubud, Bali.

At 55, Denise has become even more physically strong and her inversion practice continues unabated. Her motto of being fearless, brave and loving life emanates beyond words and into practice. She holds regular Yoga Teacher Trainings in Jakarta and Ubud, and has travelled worldwide to host training, workshops and courses. Throughout the year, she runs Yoga Teacher Training, enabling Yoga Barn regulars and those who are new to her teaching to be enriched by her experience in yoga practice, teaching and teacher training for over 30 years.  

Whether it is her thorough knowledge of the chakras and nadis, or the art of mudra, there are many aspects of yoga which are not commonly taught either in classes nor the standard 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. Denise’s particular focus is on the koshas and their relation to every other aspect of yoga and life. The body, breath, mind, inner wisdom and sense of bliss are integral to the experience of living yoga on and off the mat. In Bali, the spiritual life is not an afterthought – it is in the morning and evening rituals, the approach to nature, food, dance, art and life. This has been attracting yogis, surfers and spiritual seekers from all over the world for decades.

While Denise has best been known for her Power Yoga practice, chakras and mudras workshops over the past 8 years in Bali, and prior through One Song in Portland, she has also won over many yogis with her meditative approach to Yin Yoga. She describes the experience of Yin as “a deeper conversation with the body and the self”.

Yoga has become even more of a sanctuary for Denise now, as anyone who has faced a major move or life event knows, the practice of yoga can provide a sense of grounding in uncertain and challenging times.