Our purpose is to create a world that inspires connection through giving.

A movement is born at Karma House, we're not just a brand, we're a movement. A movement of authentic weirdos with strong values who are on a mission to build good karma by doing good shit.

Come give back with us! 

We know there’s a selfless, compassionate, giving side in all of you just waiting to be tapped. We’ll help facilitate you donating to charitable causes through our partnerships with organizations like Bali Children’s Project - a nonprofit that provides all kinds of cool educational initiatives for underprivileged youth on the island. The best part about embracing that compassionate giving side of your badass self is that you can also start right in your own backyard by giving back to this epic community. Pick up some trash, hug a stranger, or leave a nice note for your neighbor. We might look like a bunch of inked out weirdos, but ink is only skin deep and giving back runs through our blood. So let’s make a difference together, one charitable cause, one random act of kindness, and one badass tattoo at a time... it’s 2018, conscious business is the future and being selfless is sexy.

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Tattooing has existed as a sacred art form in Indonesia for a long time. Traditionally, the practice has always been associated with deep cultural meaning, so it’s important for us to bring intention and purpose back into the entire tattooing experience. This is our temple–it’s your temple, and here at the Karma House Tattoo Temple, we’re ready to guide you on a journey.