We are thrilled to build a tribe of people spreading Joy all around the World! Our Mission is to re-connect the disconnected hearts. There are many ways of helping others and they all are as equally meaningful. We chose to start with the essential: The Importance Of Sleep.

"Can you imagine sleeping on a cold hard floor without a bed to have dreams in."

It's a sad fact that many families can't even afford a bed for their children to sleep in. Thousands of children in Bali are sleeping on the floor, with their families struggling to pay for food, let alone a comfortable bed. You can help make a huge difference in a child’s life!

Children who get little sleep are more likely to have behavioral problems and difficulty rising up to their full potential. The #HAPPYMATTRESS Project all about ensuring underprivileged kids of Bali enjoy the many benefits of a good night sleep!

Karma House and the YogiLab are partnering to offer these beautiful kiddos a chance to get the rest they need to pursue the education and life of hope and promise they so equally deserve.

Kids bed.jpg


Our goal is to provide 100 beds to 100 kids in 100 days. The countdown has already started! April 26th marks the end of the 100 days and the deadline to our holy quest! Any donation gets us closer to the delivery of a complete double or twin set for a local child. This will be a gift that is sure to make a life-lasting impact!

If this has inspired you to make a contribution, here is the invitation to sprinkle magic on these young ones.

How much does a mattress cost?

A single spring mattress costs 150$ US (with complete bedding set)

A double spring mattress costs 180$ US (with complete bedding set)

*All donors of a mattress will be sent a “Thank You” from the child who has received a mattress.

These are some examples of the living & sleeping conditions for thousands of kids in Bali.