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with CJ

In this class we will explore the images, sounds, and concepts of our reality through a manipulation of our movement and conceptual frameworks. Experimental dance takes no one form or style whilst simultaneously using all.

In this class you will gradually install a vocabulary of movement to freely move within and improvise from; allowing you to add on to what you want to articulate in your dance by gaining new concepts and foundations from various urban and contemporary styles.

This class will awaken you to yourself and to the unique way in which you think and empathise. Building that intelligence and emotional connection can help you understand why you are you, where your fears come from, where you greatest inspiration and interpretation stems from, and uncover what lies deep within your subconscious.

What to expect:

- Vocabulary inspired by urban styles
- Floorwork techniques
- Linear & structured movement
- Conceptual & improvised movement
- Changing levels and intention within dance

Price: 100,000 IDR

Location: Karma House Tattoos, Bali

Earlier Event: February 27
Later Event: March 1
Yoga Nidra & Sound